“There is nothing more beautiful than the moment before a voyage, the moment when tomorrow’s horizon comes to visit us, to announce its promises.”  Milan Kundera

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    What’s for dinner tonight ?
    What’s for dinner tonight ?
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    What can one eat during our crazy challenges amidst these vast icy areas? Shopping malls are few and far apart, and as far as I am concerned, I never thought of hunting to obtain standard fare.  It’s therefore more prudent to plan and plan well, before starting out on a solo and self-sufficient adventure.  If anything is forgotten, there’s no one else to blame but me as the planning of logistics is my own responsibility. That’s true for the tool kit as for the precious aid kit… That obviously applies even more to the food supply. Not only does it allow maintaining the energy level, but it is a booster as well when getting … »

    On her own but well protected
    On her own but well protected
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    Since January, new partners have joined the adventure and will accompany me in the crossing of the Northwest Passage.

    Some new members are Astellia, from Rennes (France) as well as Olan Associés, from Concarneau (France). McMurdo, the world leader as maker of position locators and communications equipment will loan me an EPIRB locator, a PLB Fast Find as well as an AIS Smartfind locator. These may be strange names for certain people but, well known to mariners who carry them on board in the hope of never having to use them, as they launch distress calls.

    All in all, things are going well and I’m keeping a good pace, in … »

    Preparations are well under way
    Preparations are well under way
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     Five months before I launch, stress is increasing, the “to-do” lists are getting longer and I am at the point to wish for longer days.  It’s the same feeling before every launch, but I just can’t get used to it.

    Everything is in the “rush” mode: so many things to plan and to think about.  All documents are gone over with a fine tooth comb.  I try to plan how the expedition will evolve next summer, in relation to the information received.  Every expedition is different, so it’s quite difficult to determine how this one will turnout, considering the ice movements and the area they’ll cover, next summer.

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    Encounters that make the difference
    Encounters that make the difference
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    The Ocean try-outs are now quite common and the least that can be said  is that the equipment and I are taking quite a showering in an especially damp and windy December along the Brittany Coast…

    There’s nothing quite like it to get your ideas straightened out and give the equipment a good workout in conditions that may not be extreme but are pretty close to being rock n’ roll.  The dry undergarment supplied by Reed Chillcheater Ltd proved itself.  All that’s needed now is a hood and it would be perfect and would I be happy!

    The short rest period during the Paris Boat … »

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