About 2000 nautical miles (3400 kilometres) in a kayak through the legendary Northwest passage
and the Arctic Circle ice build-up… En savoir +

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Please note: The map of the travelled portion of Anne’s adventure will be updated regularly, allowing to follow her in the Arctic.
The launch occured in Inuvik, Northwest Territories, Canada. The arrival point will be determined by the ice conditions in the Northwest Passage. The Northwest Territories lie northwest of central Canada, bordered to the east by Nunavut, to the west by the Yukon and to the south by the northeastern corner of British Columbia, as well as the entire northern borders of Alberta and Saskatchewan

    A rain check!
    A rain check!
    Le 09:29 PM| 0

    Summer season 2014 being well under way, this difficult decision had to come:  the crossing of the Northwest passage must wait till next year.  This decision, which I thought, would have been far more difficult to arrive at, had to ripen and this conclusion came as the only possible one under the circumstances.

    The numerous encounters local citizens of Tuktoyaktuk, allowed me to better comprehend how different the Arctic can be from all previous crossings, adding to that, the long wait times.  It allowed me to learn considerably, much more than I would have, by myself on the Ocean.  All this information will be catalogued, but I’m assured the … »

    Public enemy No.1
    Public enemy No.1
    Le 07:02 AM| 0

    There’s no need to be big and strong to destroy someone’s life. The proof lies with the arctic insects such as the mosquito.  Very small but oh so obnoxious! It is well acclimatized to the polar

    circle summer.  It will harass anyone that offers some fresh skin.  In the Arctic tundra they are found in such great numbers that black clouds can be heard buzzing.

    The most repulsive and elaborate insecticides that cover our body are useless against their biting.  We have to tolerate these very thirsty insects that seem to be present for the sole purpose of destroying the only time of the year where the … »

    Le 08:40 AM| 0

    The days follow one another, as well, they’re similar, since I returned to Tuktoyaktuk.  The weather conditions are forbidding and a possible new departure seems compromised.

    A few days ago, a strong gust of wind played havoc with the power lines as well as damaging numerous buildings.  All this to say that nature has not returned to its normal calm.

    In the bay, the ocean is stirred to produce white caps, making any attempt to paddle very difficult.  My patience is really put to the test, but I knew from the outset that the Arctic held surprises and not always pleasant ones!

    The climate was quite warm … »

    Difficult decision
    Difficult decision
    Le 05:46 AM| 0

    Wind flow doesn’t allow me to head to Cape Dalhousie at this time. Considering the high risk of coming face to face with a bear in my so-so camp ground, I’ve decided, against my will, to head back to ‘Tuk.

    That decision wasn’t easy to arrive at, but having mulled it over for a while, it seemed to be the wisest decision

    Taking advantage of a Nor’ Easter, 24 hours of straight paddling allowed me to return to ‘Tuk when in the opposite direction, it had taken 4 days.  I left Point Atkinson in the early afternoon, I arrived in ‘Tuk, the next day in a … »

    An improvised “Home Sweet Home”
    An improvised “Home Sweet Home”
    Le 07:06 AM| 0

    The wind gusts from the North-East and from my promontory post, I can see the ocean in its fury.  This means nothing good for me for some time yet. Even the birds stay on the ground, which is bad news in itself.  The kayak is awaiting on the beach tied to a piece of flotsam.  I avoid the wind by staying in the tent, in the shack!

    Having spent the first few hours soaked and cold, I built a fire in an old woodstove and quite operational! First meal of freeze dried food by Hothuck’s, and warmed on the wood stove! A total success.  I … »

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