First solar polar arctic



A promise must be kept!

The last writings are rather stale and I can think of the impatience each of you is building up behind his computer, while hoping for a scoop as to what is brewing at the Marée Haute shipyard in Trégunc (Brittany). That’s where the new project is taking shape and will so, ...
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Bull’s eyes for 2017!

With the arrival of spring, the ideas that we were storing during these long last months, begin to flower again.  All the sudden, the projects keep us hopping after a winter that just never seemed to end.
At the outset, everything is quite blurred. Then a few pictures pop-up in no specific ...
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A new look for the website

Tell me why time seems to go so fast? Since I’ve returned from Tuktoyaktuk, last February, I really didn’t have much time to brood and I went back to the crazy rhythm of our mad world without noticing it even.
The book “Arctic Passenger” which I had been working on, since ...
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How to become a billionaire

What is a native to do in Tuktoyaktuk when born and raised here and unable to think of living somewhere else?  At first, few opportunities arise in this village of 950 people, clinging to the top of the world.  But as strange as it may seem, the Inuvialuit population stayed put, ...
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