First solar polar crossing
Robert Le Meur

In the footsteps of Father Robert Le Meur

Tuktoyaktuk hasn’t changed since my last visit, a year ago. However, three houses at the Kugmallit Point have been washed away, by the erosion. The facts are there, the shore line is being devoured by the ever intense storms that toss huge blocks of ice, destroying everything in its path ...
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Every day can lead us to a new destination…

The Year 2016 uttered its last words and made way to a new year which we hope will bring us health, happiness and the smaller pleasures that accompany our usual resolutions. Consciously or not, we determine their purpose with the same traditional thoughts, but we rapidly ignore them, even though ...
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Ice Road

When there is a will, there is a way, period!

The good news are slow to come by, but such is the lot of any expedition, hoping to learn the treasures of patience in an effort to reach one’s objective. The Inuit know this so well as they depend on time and the seasons’ eternal cycle. Their patience goes beyond ...
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Premiers essais sur l'eau

Why does times fly by so fast?

Autumn is here already and the seasons now give the rhythm to the Arctic Solar challenge started last Spring. However, the project is sometimes moving at too slow a pace for me, but at least we’re moving forward. The changes made to the prototype as well as the refitting are ...
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