First solar polar crossing

The atmosphere is looking like the first day of school…

The month of August is winding down and it is now time to get back to work.  Summer was strewn with pleasant meetings in various Festivals and Shows which gave me the opportunity to publicize my latest book “Passagère de l’arctique”.  This got me going and numerous ideas took shape.  Now, I’ll have to sit down and sort them out. 

I’d love to start writing again but it takes up so much time, time that I don’t have at the moment.  Days are short, nights are long and I haven’t yet succeeded in stopping time!

There’s lot of work in the months ahead if the solar prototypes are to be tried out before the wintery lows hit the “Baie de La Forêt Fouesnant (Brittany)”.  I don’t fear bad weather, but a true tryout on a calm ocean and a light sea breeze would be more pleasant than high winds and rough water.

The Torqeedo electric motor which I had been expecting since July, finally arrived.  It has to be installed and then  I wait for the delivery of the batteries to be sure we’re on the right track. Still numerous uncertainties prevail.  We’re moving ahead by the “touch and go” method, but it’s the nature of innovative development.  Few trials have been attempted and even if Raphaël Domjan, the initiator of the Solar Planet, is there to guide me with advices, it’s difficult to draw parallels between a 30 meter boat equipped with 500 sq. m. of solar panels and mine, barely six meter long equipped with only 12 sq. m. of the same type of panels.

The adventure is under way and hopefully, I won’t be left by the roadside !