First solar polar crossing

“Perseverance conquers everything” as the saying goes. Rather difficult to argue against this old adage, isn’t it? However when things don’t go entirely the way we want them to, that our daily activities are built on battles, and in spite of the energy spent, nothing seems to give reason to our stubbornness , there just come a point when we want to give-up, just to breathe again!

Fortunately, there’s always a little trick that pops up in our head, like a beacon which won’t turn Continue reading

The long-awaited big News is long in coming and so far, partnerships are not lining up at my door. Yet, just a few weeks back, I was almost jumping with joy as a neophyte would thinking  all the tricks are honest.

Fortunately experience taught me not to count my chicken before they’re hatched and I came to realize that is was a wise way to go . My budget today is still the same than yesterday!

Therefore, I keep on meeting people, chewing up the asphalt kilometers, while Continue reading

Robert Le Meur

Father Robert Le Meur

Tuktoyaktuk hasn’t changed since my last visit, a year ago.  However, three houses at the Kugmallit Point have been washed away, by the erosion.  The facts are there, the shore line is being devoured by the ever intense storms that toss huge blocks of ice, destroying everything in its path.  The worst of this, is that everyone here is conscious of Natures constant changes. They all know more houses will be destroyed, families will be relocated, but “tomorrow is another day” so Continue reading


The Year 2016 uttered its last words and made way to a new year which we hope will bring us health, happiness and the smaller pleasures that accompany our usual resolutions. Consciously or not, we determine their purpose with the same traditional thoughts, but we rapidly ignore them, even though they remain on the Order Paper!

Like everyone else, I’ve wished for good intentions.  Nothing out of the ordinary, just promises that carry through from the story I started to write on my first attempt at crossing Continue reading

Ice RoadThe good news are slow to come by, but such is the lot of any expedition, hoping to learn the treasures of patience in an effort to reach one’s objective.  The Inuit know this so well as they depend on time and the seasons’ eternal cycle.  Their patience goes beyond any philosophical aspect. It is close to a second nature,  even part of their lifestyle.  Like them, I exercise my patience. If I seem to champ at the bit, my hope, every day is to gather Continue reading

Premiers essais sur l'eauAutumn is here already and the seasons now give the rhythm to the Arctic Solar challenge started last Spring.  However, the project is sometimes moving at too slow a pace for me, but at least we’re moving forward.  The changes made to the prototype as well as the refitting are very encouraging.  “Rome wasn’t built in a day” as the saying goes, so we’re moving ahead,  daring sometimes, and re-inventing if necessary in the hope of greater success.

Uniting the Continue reading

The month of August is winding down and it is now time to get back to work.  Summer was strewn with pleasant meetings in various Festivals and Shows which gave me the opportunity to publicize my latest book “Passagère de l’arctique”.  This got me going and numerous ideas took shape.  Now, I’ll have to sit down and sort them out. 

I’d love to start writing again but it takes up so much time, time that I don’t have at the moment.  Days are short, nights Continue reading

The last writings are rather stale and I can think of the impatience each of you is building up behind his computer, while hoping for a scoop as to what is brewing at the Marée Haute shipyard in Trégunc (Brittany). That’s where the new project is taking shape and will so, for the next three months.

The last time I wrote, I had promised to give you more information but I had to consolidate essential points before I could say that I was returning to the Northwest Passage.  Continue reading

With the arrival of spring, the ideas that we were storing during these long last months, begin to flower again.  All the sudden, the projects keep us hopping after a winter that just never seemed to end.

At the outset, everything is quite blurred. Then a few pictures pop-up in no specific order but, there is this urge to head back on the road (since the base of any project emanates from this incredible urge to return to the wild).  Without really knowing why, our antennas are Continue reading

Tell me why time seems to go so fast? Since I’ve returned from Tuktoyaktuk, last February, I really didn’t have much time to brood and I went back to the crazy rhythm of our mad world without noticing it even.

The book “Arctic Passenger” which I had been working on, since my return last Summer has now been published by Locus Solus, a breton publisher with whom working with was most enjoyable. On March 8th, before the official release, we organized a discussion with numerous fans who were extremely curious Continue reading