First solar polar crossing



Ever since my first transatlantic crossing in 2002, rowing solo and without assistance, I have had the opportunity to organize or participate in various seminars and conferences in France and abroad.

Sharing my experience with 3 transatlantic crossings and the values nurtured by these challenges provides for opportunities to establish footbridges with the corporate world.

• commitment



mental strength

• the accomplishment of a teamwork

relationship between a person and his/her environment.

These unusual journeys bring to an individual, authentic and fundamental realities : the ocean, the weather, capsizing, life and death issues. This difficult dialogue with nature makes it possible to go beyond oneself and keep learning constantly, resulting in a new outlook to the self in particular and the existence in general.


Among the different themes :

• How to build a team and motivate it toward completing a project.

• Maximize learning from someone else’s experience.

• Re-evaluate one’s capabilities and ambitions to better achieve the desired goal.

• Anticipate difficulties, measure the risks and manage the obstacles as they occur.

The material I may use during my interventions includes slides, photos, DVD and short videos..

A schedule of content, rules and charges is agreed upon beforehand to better achieve the desired priorities.


Conference at the Astellia Company, an Aerctic Passage project partner

November 2014



Conference at the United Nation Headquarters

New York, November 2009